Professional Representation, Local Expertise.

Ranked as the top real estate team in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area, Michael and his team of real estate advisers have sold over $480 million dollars in real estate. We know the real estate experience can be daunting which is why we have developed a proven process creating a simpler, hassle-free experience with open lines of communication. At the Gillies Team, our #1 priority is to provide a convenient, consistent world class experience 100% of the time.

Meet the Team

Mindset + Grit = Success & Fulfillment

Clients will not be let down. Someone else will not do it better. This is where we are most competitive. This is where we separate ourselves. We don’t stop. We don’t accept good or almost. If it’s not done, we keep going. The source of our motivations may vary, but there is an intense drive toward it. Grit is essential. Without drive, motivation, and grit, there is no success.


We separate ourselves from the pack by our conscious choice to hustle daily. We are the exception. Bringing our very bes t matters. We won’t let ourselves, our team or our clients down by giving any less Read More ⇣

We bring a positive attitude daily. In every situation, search for the WIN! We start with “yes” and follow up with the “ how.” We celebrate our successes - we learn from our setbacks Read More ⇣

In order to deliver a world-class client experience we consistently push to become the very best at what we do - we alwa ys look for ways to “make it better.” We are constantly improving mentally, physically and spiritually so we can show up as our best self for our clients, our families and our team Read More ⇣

Every decision is guided by asking the question - “What is in the best interest of the client.” The choice to do the rig ht thing is an easy one. We check our ego at the door. It’s just not about us. We put the needs of our clients before our own. We are motivated by the success of our clients Read More ⇣

We are accountable to our team values, goals and culture. We build each other up. We motivate one another to reach our f ullest potential and be our best selves. We are unselfish. We do more than is expected and have an “all for one” mentality. We are a family Read More ⇣

We are disciplined. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to completing our most critical tasks first, always dri ving new business development. We take our goals seriously. We have no excuses. If we’re behind we don’t stop until we’ve found a way. We grind until the re sult we’re looking for is achieved Read More ⇣

What Makes Us Different?

  • GUARANTEE PROGRAMS: We want you to feel secure so we eliminate the risk.
  • INDIVIDUAL STRATEGY PLANS: We listen to each individual need and make recommendations based on what's best for our client. We base every decision on what's best for our client.
  • SUPPORT & COMMUNICATION PLAN: Our team of specialists provide minute to minute support and communication. From our buyer and listing specialist teams to our in-office marketing, contract processing, client care, sales manager and finance members, we ensure all I's are dotted and T's are crossed. We cater to needs you didn't even know you had.
  • HASSLE FREE: Your time is valuable. You should not be the one doing the job of a real estate agent. Our proactive approach predicts, avoids and absorbs bumps in the road so you can focus on the most important things in your life.


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