Abundant natural light is something that most homebuyers would be happy to have in their new homes. Living in homes filled with sunshine can make them appear larger and be a mood-booster. For this reason, floor-to-ceiling windows have become a major selling point for homes that have them. These windows maximize the amount of sunlight in a home and also highlight any amazing views. However, even though floor-to-ceiling windows can be a wonderful perk in any home, they also come with their own set of challenges. Here’s what you should know about floor-to-ceiling windows.

Look for energy-efficient windows

Because they let in so much light, floor-to-ceiling windows have the potential to lower your energy costs because you won’t need to turn on so many lights during the day. But you may not see those savings if the windows aren’t energy-efficient. Older windows can have many leaks and drafts, which can mean you’re running your air conditioner or heater more than necessary. And remember that all that sunlight can heat a room. In the dog days of summer, you may want to use thermal curtains to keep your room cool – unless you want the AC to run nonstop all day to keep up.

Check for durability

In addition to looking for energy-efficient windows, you should also make sure that floor-to-ceiling windows are durable, too. This is particularly important in areas with hurricanes, or even if you have small children. You don’t want the glass to shatter if someone knocks into it or if there are changes in pressure or temperature. Look for tempered glass windows, which any home inspector should be able to identify. The newer the windows, the more likely they are to be made from tempered glass.

Think how it will affect your furnishings

Being bathed in light can make your furnishings look spectacular. But the UV rays can also cause them to fade. The light can also heat furniture like leather sofas, making them uncomfortable to sit on during the day. All the extra light can also make colors appear lighter than before, especially those items closest to the windows.

Consider window treatments

Window treatments can also be tricky with floor-to-ceiling windows. If you like privacy, then you’ll want to be able to install curtains or window film. These can be tough to find in very large sizes, and you may need to have them custom-made. They can also be a challenge to install and may require the help of a professional.

Don’t forget about cleaning them

Finally, cleaning windows is easily one of the most dreaded chores for many homeowners. When you have floor-to-ceiling windows, it may be a challenge to keep them clean. With such large windows, you’ll notice more easily when they are dirty. You’ll need to have a plan for how to keep them clean. This may also require the help of a professional, especially if the windows aren’t on the first floor of the property. Take this extra expense into account if you’re looking at a home with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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