How can I start without tearing up as I express how much of an AMAZING experience I had with Wanda Cook our realtor from the Gillies team. From the first call she never gave up on us. I remember telling her exactly what we wanted and how negative my husband was at the time with being able to find what we needed. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, MRS.WANDA COOK, she said from the very first call “YOU WILL SPEND CHRISTMAS IN YOUR NEW HOME” And yesterday we closed, she is an angel!! She got us exactly what we wanted, never a house that we saw that wasn’t what we wanted, she’s beyond attentive, never in my life have met such a beautiful soul! I can tell you this, this team is beyond amazing and if you want to be lead in the right direction contact them and even better Mrs. Wanda Cook, that will never give up, and is A REAL ANGEL ON EARTH!

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