We were very nervous about selling our home and trying to find a new one. We considered several realtors and ultimately decided on the Gillies team. We’re so glad we did! Michael Gillies handled selling our home and his associate Jeanne Defeo handled the search and purchase of our new home. The main things that Michael really stood out on when selling the house were
1.) preparation- we got great advice on what areas to focus on when cleaning, organizing, repairing and staging
2.) Price- he was realistic when pricing our home and showed us a detailed forecast of what our profit would be at several possible price points
3.) negotiating- going back and forth with a buyer can be stressful but Michael helped us to remove our emotions from the situation and focus on our goal of selling the home with maximum gain
On the buying side Jeanne was a patient expert. My husband and I have very different personalities when it comes to buying- I am not critical enough and tend to think “oh, we can make it work” about every house. He analyzes every detail. Jeanne was great at
1.) Balancing our perspectives and helping us focus on what was really important.
2.) being SO patient in answering our many questions and taking us to see any homes we wanted as many times as we wanted
3.) again- negotiating! We had very interesting sellers to work with and the house we purchased was tenant occupied. She helped us navigate this situation with ease and ultimately brought us to closing in a great position.
If I could make a very minor suggestion it would just be regarding the admin fees. In addition to the percentage charged to sell our home there was a nominal fee charged on both the buy side and the sell side. We didn’t hear anything about these fees until signing our exclusive representation agreement with the agent. It would have made me feel much better if they had mentioned it much earlier on when we were interviewing agents. Ultimately we would definitely use them again! I just really like having every piece of information up front. Thank you Gillies team!!

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