sean riordan252

An outstanding experience all-around! The Gillies Team exceeded our expectations in every aspect of selling our house.

We live in Dubai, which presented a whole set of unique challenges including: Powers of Attorney, coordinating with multiple contractors, working around renovation schedules. I never had to wait for information and the information that I received was thorough, clear, concise, and professional. They also made me feel like I was in the lead of this process. None of the complex aspects of doing business 8-time zones away came back to us, they just took care of everything!

Our house sold after only being on the market for a few days and we received a full-price offer. The recommendations I got from Cindy and Mike
all proved themselves to be effective. Things could not have been smoother for us.

I hope my recommendation will encourage others to trust and use The Gillies Team for buying or selling their homes. I was lucky enough to find them using a Zillow Search. When I reached out to them via the website, I heard back from them almost immediately. They were positive and nice in the beginning and that continued through the entire transaction.

I’m so very grateful to have had them in my corner. I fully endorse Mike and Cindy Gillies and the rest of their team and hope you will choose them for your own unique needs.

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