If you’re selling your home amid COVID-19, here’s how things have changed.

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It’s amazing how a concept like social distancing can go from completely unknown to completely unavoidable in just a few months. At the start of the year, the idea of a pandemic shutting down workplaces and changing the way we go about our everyday lives would have seemed crazy. For those of you who are trying to sell your home during this pandemic, I’ll bet you have some questions about how the process works and maybe concerns about strangers entering your home. We at the Gillies Team have taken steps to reduce the spread of the virus even as we continue to support your home selling needs. To learn how we’ve adapted to the health crisis, watch this short video above.

Here is a full transcript of the video: 

It’s amazing how quickly a phrase and concept like Social Distancing can go from completely unknown to completely unavoidable. At the start of the year the idea of a pandemic shutting down workplaces and changing the way we go about everyday life would have seemed crazy.

And for those of you who are trying to sell your home during this pandemic, I’ll bet you have some questions about how it works with strangers entering your home, and you probably have some concerns around that. We at The Gillies Team want to help you take steps to reduce the spread of this virus while continuing to support your home sale needs.

So I want to share some information from me and my team to help keep your family safe and healthy during the selling process.

One side effect of social distancing requirements is that the buyers we’re seeing in the market right now tend to be serious & motivated. The casual looker is much less likely to schedule a showing right now. This means that the people coming into your house are the ones most likely to be ready to make an offer.

But what about the showing process itself? We recommend that buyers be pre-screened prior to entering your home. Our showing instructions currently require that any person that will enter the home complete our screening questionnaire to ensure they are not at a high risk due to recent travel, exposure or symptoms.

New showing protocols have also been put into place. Booties, gloves and hand sanitizer are provided for agents and buyers to use prior to entering and while walking through the house. Sellers are leaving lights on and all interior doors open to minimize the need to touch surfaces in the home. When buyers leave they are asked to remove and dispose of the booties and gloves outside of the home. These instructions are sent directly to every agent that schedules and are posted on a large sign we provide at the entry.

We have also made a pivot with our video marketing strategy. Our beautiful professional video tours have always been a great tool for buyers to see the home in a way that photos can’t always portray. But it’s still not quite like walking through in person. We have added agent guided video tours to our marketing plan to help with this. These tours are longer and able to show tons of detail with the agent providing insight into what they see along the way. Just like they would when walking through with a buyer. This helps buyers vet homes before entering and allows buyers that are on the fence about scheduling to really get a feel for the house. Along the same lines we’re holding live, virtual open houses on the weekends to add to our in-person opens!

Whether now is the right time for you to sell is a question for you and your family. But we want you to know that we can help you do it safely and successfully. If you have any questions please reach out to us at 540-300-1582.

As always, we love you and we’ve got your back!