With the temperature dropping, you may be wondering how to save on your heating bill over the next few months. Nobody wants to spend too much on their energy costs, especially with the holidays around the corner. If you want to keep your home toasty warm without emptying your wallet this winter, then follow these simple tips.

Use a programmable thermostat

You don’t need to crank up the heat when you’re not in the house or when you’re sleeping. But many of us forget to turn down the thermostat when we could. Programmable thermostats are very inexpensive and allow you to program those temperature changes. You’ll notice a big difference in your heating bill.

Tune up your furnace

Once a year have your furnace or heat pump inspected by a professional. The money you spend on having a pro come out can save you big down the line. Keeping your appliances in good working order will help keep those costly repairs to a minimum. And don’t forget to change your furnace filters regularly.

Turn on ceiling fans

It may seem counterintuitive, but using your ceiling fans in colder weather can save you money. Turn your ceiling fan on reverse to push warm air down towards the floor.

Keep vents clear

It’s hard for your system to heat the room if you have a sofa pressed up against the vents. Make sure to keep all your vents clear when you have the heat running. This ensures that air can circulate freely. Pull furniture away from walls and vacuum vents to keep them free of dust and dirt.

Use solar power

We’re not suggesting you install solar panels on your house (though that could save you money). Instead, open your curtains on sunny days. The sun that shines into your home can warm up a room significantly, especially in south-facing windows.

Close the curtains

Though it can be helpful to keep the curtains open on sunny days, you should close them on overcast days and at night. Use heavy drapery in the winter to help insulate your room and keep the warm air inside.

Shut doors

Do you have rooms that you use infrequently? Then keep the doors to those rooms shut when not in use. Close the vents to those rooms as well. You can also increase the warmth of the room you are in by shutting the door. Consider using a space heater to heat your bedroom at night so you can keep the rest of the house cool.

Decorate with warm accessories

If you’re tempted to turn up the heat as soon as you feel a chill coming, then deck out your house with warm accessories. Use flannel sheets on your bed, and drape cozy blankets on chairs and couches. Use rugs on the floor to keep your feet warm and always make sure you have a pair of slippers handy.

Dress in layers

Speaking of slippers, you can also save on your heating bill if you dress appropriately while inside. Wear several layers of clothing and a hat. Put on those thick socks, leg warmers, and a scarf. You can keep your home several degrees cooler if you dress accordingly.

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