For my latest interview, I’m joined by Jens Green to discuss insurance coverage.

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Today I’m joined by Jens Green, owner of J. Green Insurance, for a wide-ranging discussion about insurance coverage. We’ll go over which mistakes you must avoid as a homeowner, how normal coverage applies to major renovations, and more important odds and ends you should be aware of. Having a good understanding of what coverage you have can save you a lot of time and some major headaches.

Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Feel free to watch it in its entirety or use these timestamps to browse specific points at your leisure:

2:04—Common mistakes Jens sees from homeowners

8:15—How your normal coverage applies to major renovations

12:42—The importance of rideshare endorsements

14:16—Specific questions Jens has been getting regarding COVID-19

17:39—Other endorsements and additions to keep in mind for homeowners

20:13—Explaining umbrella policies

24:36—The benefits of life insurance

27:03—The No. 1 takeaway from this conversation

28:31—Wrapping things up

If you have questions about any of the topics we discussed, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help.