A few tips to help you bring the autumn season into your home.

Fall is just around the corner, but some of us might not be quite ready for pumpkins and fall leaves. Today I’ll give you a few tips to help transition your home into fall colors as we move toward that season.

One of my favorite ways to transition my home into fall is using florals and candlesticks. I would swap out those white hydrangeas and opt for a burgundy or mauve color. Switch from white candlesticks to ones that have a bit of texture and a darker color. Another easy and cost-friendly way to transition your home is through printable art. Swap out your bright summer landscapes for autumnal tones that will warm up your space. 

Our last tip is to think about texture. As the nights get cooler and you spend more time at home, you can bring autumn into your home through dual-tone and dark, neutral pillow covers. Don’t forget to bring out your woven baskets and add a couple of extra throws to them.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. We would love to help.