With Realtors, Builders and Lenders making up many members of her family, Shelly has always had a connection and love of this industry. Beginning her career in a marketing management role for a large real estate company in Atlanta in 1997, Shelly went on to get her own real estate license where she helped many buyers and sellers move in, out and all around the Metro Atlanta area where she is from. In 2011, Shelly moved with her husband to Virginia. It was in Virginia she found a new passion in real estate and took on a role as the sales and operations manager for one of the top teams in the country. Shelly finds fulfillment helping others succeed. Whether it is helping one of the agents on the team, or a client move to the next stage of their life, create personal wealth and make purposeful life decisions as it relates to their family’s future, Shelly’s goal is for everyone to reach their goal.  Competitive by nature, she keeps everyone on their toes to keep reaching and growing to be the best they can and do the best they can for the client.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, son and dogs. Shelly’s goal is to always keep things new and exciting for her family, so they are always looking for things they “haven’t done yet’ to keep them busy as well and constantly learning.