For THE GILLIES TEAM, success is all in the family

When you meet Cindy & Mike Gillies and their son, Michael, it’s clear that for them, family comes first. They share an unbreakable bond with one another and value the wonderful memories they’ve created over the years. Cindy & Mike have known each other since she was in the 7th Grade, and have been married for more than 30 years. They’ve raised Michael and their two daughters, Lauren and Kaitlyn, here in beautiful Stafford, VA to believe in high personal values and a consistent work ethic.

A Powerful Family Bond

The unique thing about the Gillies family is that their bond has transcended their private lives and has allowed them to form a powerful business partnership. Known as “THE GILLIES TEAM ,” Cindy, Mike and Michael have become one of the area’s premier real estate teams. What has made them successful is their continuing commitment to family—not only the bonds they share with each other, but the lasting difference they’ve been able to make for other families looking to buy and sell homes.

For Cindy, Relationships Come First

The other significant part of their team dynamic is that they all bring their own unique skills, knowledge and personalities to the business. Cindy enjoys people and reaching out to help them. It’s what she loves most about real estate. “Buying or selling a home ,” she says, “is a truly personal experience. It’s vital for me to understand what each family is seeking, and then guide them to the result that’s right for them.”

Mike Knows that the Details Matter

Mike, on the other hand, is detail-oriented and analytical in his approach. A commercial airline pilot for the past 30 years, he knows what it takes to be thorough and prepared every step of the way. In essence, he’s committed to making sure his clients experience a smooth ride. Mike got his start in the real estate industry as an appraiser, which gives him a keen eye to help both buyers and sellers make the most of their investment.

Michael Brings a Different Perspective

Michael started in the real estate industry as a mortgage professional, which gives him a unique understanding of the financial aspects of your move. He chose to join forces with his parents because he knew as a team, they’d be able to accomplish much more. By combining their individual talents and knowledge, they are able to help more families enjoy a successful, worry-free experience.

It All Adds Up to a Focus on Family

If you are buying or selling a home, count on the real estate team that is always Focused on Your Family. Count on THE GILLIES TEAM —Cindy, Mike and Michael—and discover what this dynamic family team can do for you.